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Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up can be difficult at a neighborhood school with limited street access.  There is a lot of traffic around the school before and after school.
Below are some helpful hints to make your mornings stress-free.
1. Give yourself plenty of time to get to school.  The campus opens at 7:30 am and starts at 8:00 am.  Students are to go straight to the playground where there is supervision.
2. Use our Orange Avenue Drop-off  location next to our basketball courts.  You can just pull to the curb in your car to drop off and pick up your child at our supervised and shaded Orange Avenue waiting area.  
3.  Drop off your students on the side streets (Orange Ave., Heil Ave., Holt Ave.) and have them cross the streets at supervised crosswalks.
4.  Please teach your children to obey traffic laws and use the crosswalks to cross the street and to listen to all pupil supervisors.